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"I think, therefore I am." -Descartes

Our mental state is where our determination and perseverance live.

Every battle we face starts with our perception of our ability to overcome it, and the decision to fight of surrender.

Don't quit before you start, there are no contracts here - only an opportunity to see what you can truly accomplish once your doubts have been slain!

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Is Fitness Truly Hard?!

Personal Training in Lino Lakes

What is hard for you? Everyone has a "tough part" of fitness. This explains how to turn that difficulty into your secret, most loved, weapon!

Find YOUR Motivation!

Personal Training in Lino Lakes

Recommended: First watch "Faith and Fitness" under Spiritual Training.

This is how you turn your 'Perfect Unattainable Finish Line' into your personal armor of unwavering motivation!

Motivational Message

Personal Training in Lino Lakes Trinity Training

Video for just motivation. Audio clip from "My Magnificent Obsession" by CT Fletcher.

Caution: Language (Rated R)

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