Everybody Reaches Their Goals Here!

These are real people, actual clients.

The feeling of achieving. 

Feeling strong, solid and confident - because you are who you want to be. 

That is ultimate freedom.

Just like in any competition, the trophy is only the representation of the true value in what has been accomplished.

In fitness the trophy might be the physical, but it is important to realize that it is only the representation of the true value in what has been accomplished...

...and our clients represent it well!!

Why not you?

What would you achieve with the right help, advice and care?

What could you do if you believed anything was possible?

What if there are more reasons that you can, than reasons you can not?

We KNOW you can do it...

...all you have to do is agree.

What to expect with Trinity Training


Tired of Gimmicks and Fads?

With so much misinformation and falsehood in the fitness industry, it's not a surprise to hear prospecting clients speak with dread regarding the last fad diet or workout trend they found on social media and tried - which yielded nothing but temporary mediocre progress but left them stranded in a confusing "what went wrong" and "why doesn't it work anymore" state. 

At best.

Our general rule is this; if you can download it or buy it with one payment - it is IMPOSSIBLE that it will be of use long term. 

The reason is simple: If you are progressing (adapting), you are going to need to change the training environment at the rate of your progression in order to continue to progress!

No one knows this rate of progression for you ahead of time, and requires an excellent trainer with precise attention to detail.

This is a fitness law that the get-rich-(I mean fit)-quick schemers don't want you to know.

This doesn't mean that you can't get fit "quick" - it means that you can't cheat your way there with a ball to chew on, mask to breathe through, or a complicated secret weightlifting movement.

It means rapid and sustainable results through continuous optimal routine progression at the pace that your specific and unique set of physiological variables allows.

Since you are unique, so should your workout be.

This means you can scratch 'online training' off the list of effective training methods, sadly.

If it worked - we would do it. It's easier, has more reach and is less effort on our end.

We believe that the only way people should be trained is the most optimal way. 


"30 day" = Run Away! The Secret of the Plateau!

Stop jumping from 30 day challenge to 30 day make-over etc. We could write a soda diet and get results for 30 days.

30 days is the amount of time that *any* new environmental change will yield adaptation. 

Our training is designed to be a life-long sustainable and enjoyable method of approaching your fitness journey. 

This means no grueling 'boot-camp', and especially no plateau - EVER.

The reasons for this are the only complex (yet not complicated) part of our training; contact us for an introduction session at no charge and let us explain how fitness actually works and how we will make this statement come true for you!!