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What is Trinity Training?

Customized Training for Your Goals


Our trainers take your fitness goals seriously. We understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging; we will help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. We analyze your body type, BMI, and metabolism, to create your individualized fitness plan.

Knowledge, Experience, Results

Personal Training in Lino Lakes

With years of success and experience in fitness, we help manipulate your physiology naturally, while delivering a fitness plan designed specifically for your unique case. 

Every component of your individual fitness goals will be addressed and pursued. 

We strive to keep you on track and motivated to reach your goals, as well as teach you to create your own internal drive along the way.

Why Trinity?

Personal Training in Lino Lakes

1. Community - Our culture creates a welcoming and encouraging environment built for streamlined success.

2. Ability - Whether a competition pro, or new to fitness entirely; we meet you where you are and provide a path to the next level.

 3. Accomplishment -A million reasons come to mind when considering a decision to improve, acting on these creates waves of achievement that can boost confidence and improve life as a whole! 


Spirit - Mind - Body


How Expert Are We?

About the Founder of Trinity Training; Luke Linroth

NANBF Physique Competitor - Luke doesn't just talk fitness; he lives it. The dedication he puts into his own performance is amazing, but pales in comparison to his drive and determination to see others achieve their fitness dreams become reality.

Certified Master Trainer - Luke's wealth of knowledge was gained from years of training, competing and classes regarding physiology and the study of fitness. 

His ability to train and deliver dramatic results has been the basis for training tactics at Trinity Training. 

[NCCPT Certification number PT0811178837]

Independent Ownership - The combination of full gym equipment without box-gym oversight means that you get what's best for YOU, not just what's best for the bottom line.

NO CONTRACTS - Get results and continue, or fire us. That has been the rule since Luke began Trinity Training, and you should hold any trainer to that standard. Contracts are designed to protect the revenue flow, not your progress.

Professional Grade - His ability to not only effectively train the body from the outside, but to also manipulate physiology for optimization of that training from the inside, is paramount in achieving unparalleled results. 


More Expertise!

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About the Aesthetics Director of Trinity Training; Josky Yebo

Bodybuilding Competitor - Another great representation of the dedication to fitness that Trinity represents; Josky embodies the look of fitness as equally as the joy it brings to life! A friendly trainer with a heart the size of his biceps... His desire to deliver results through enjoyable progression is the first and most pronounced aspect of his training style that you will love!

Certified Personal Trainer - Josky has not only proven that his training style yield results through bodybuilding competitions, but he is certified through NASM so you can be doubly assured that he truly knows fitness and delivers results!

Client Based Training - Because of Josky's desire to deliver truly amazing results, he works with clients individually to set up the exact program that is specified to your physiology and life circumstance.

Trinity is committed to meeting you where you are - whether you've never touched a dumbbell, or you're looking for the edge in your next Pro Competition,

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