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Personal training is what we do, and probably why you are interested in our unique company.

We appreciate that immensely, and we truly believe that we will provide personal training like you've never experienced...which is why you will achieve results like you've never experienced.

Class/Group Training

Class Group Training in Lino Lakes MN

What is "Plyometrics"?

The human body burns energy differently through differing physiological functions, these functions are induced by various activities.

Different activities, different functions, different results.

Plyometrics class/group training is designed to burn energy at optimal efficiency for the entire duration. 

Get more done, more efficiently, in less time.

This is the next advancement, beyond the latest fad of high intensity interval training (HIIT) you see everywhere else, and is therefore more effective and typically vastly more enjoyable for the participant. 

This isn't just the next gimmick in fitness; it is how top level athletes train, and have trained, for a reason.

They don't have time to play around a 'pretend' to get results.

Neither do you.

How to Join Our Group

Simply contact us through this site (button below) or via text (bottom of page), mention this website, and we will update you regarding where, when, and cost for the next session with spots available!



Topical Videos

Start here. This is where you will find the vaccine and antidote for all the pseudo-fitness misinfotmation floating around out there.


Some people don't like to show off their progress for the world, some do.

These are some of the athletes that are willing to share, for the sake of proving the process and motivating others to start their own journey with Trinity!

Client Milestone Moments

Hitting a ridiculous deadlift personal record, or entering into the .2 percentile of athletes in your class?

We have some of our own athlete's moments documented.

Fundamental Movement How-To's

Sick of watching people showing off pointless ineffective movements or terrible form on Instagram?

This is where you find the movements worth doing, and how to do them.

All videos are made to be extremely short, informative and easily accessible for use while between sets or prior to workout.

Takes less time than sending a text, the gym bro's wont even notice :)

Bookmark this!

Real Fitness Resources

Unsure of where to get proper lifting shoes, supplements, wraps, grips, support belts, lifting equipment or anything else fitness??

Stop using google and getting lost after your 5th attempt at finding what you *actually* need.

Topical Videos

What is Personal Training like?

Personal Training in Lino Lakes Trinity Training

Interview with Trinity member Katelyn regarding how/why Trinity is different than anything else, and what the training actually feels like.

The Impportance of the Strategic Cheat Meal

Trinity Training Personal Training in Lino Lakes

There are a lot of effective training methods, there is only one way to properly "cheat"... and here's why.

Quick Shoulder/Tri Video Clip

Personal Training in Lino Lakes

Simply a video of a good Shoulder/Tri routine you can do TODAY!

"Residual Self Image"

Trinity Training Personal Training in Lino Lakes

Coming Soon: How we see ourselves in our mind dramatically effect what we will experience, and is rarely accurate.

Here are some great tips to cultivate a positive self image.

Client Milestone Videos


Fundamental Movement How-To Videos


Hamstring Straight Leg Deadlift (SLDL)

A great hamstring movement for moving good weight, activating the muscle from both origin and insertion.

Fitness Resources



Tired of the exaggeration and lies of the supplement industry?

Legion athletics has you covered.

Weightlifting Wraps


Never again let your back musculature workout suffer because of grip fatigue.

Natural Bodybuilding


Information on banned substances and event divisions/requirements.

Contact us for more information on competition training!

Footwear for Lifting


Most heavy, compound lifts require your planted feet as the base.

Stop losing strength with shoes that reduce the energy transfer.

(Imagine deadlifting on a trampoline; this is the effect of soft-soled shoes)

Weightlifting Support Belts


Nothing stops progress like an injury.

Protect your spine!

Good place to look at joint wraps as well.

Tracking Results


Coming Soon!

Videos on measurements; method and tracking.

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